Lets talk cash back rebates

Not quite ready to buy but starting to look

You will need to follow these steps to ensure you will be eligible to receive a cash back rebate* when you are ready to buy!  

# Buying a new home or condo
If you plan on buying a new home or condo directly from a builder...  
I need to accompany you to the sales office or showroom on your first visit to register as your real estate agent. If you visit a showroom on your own and provide so much as your name and email address. The developer will consider you to be their customer and will not pay a sales commission, which regretfully means I won't be able to offer you a cash back rebate.   

How to contact builders... 
When contacting a builder by phone, email, or through the internet prior to visting their showroom or sales office. Make sure you inform the builder and their sales staff that Robert Kirkwood from Your Choice Realty is your real estate agent to ensure you will remain eligible to receive a cash back rebate.

# Buying a resale home 

If you plan on buying a resale home...
And you haven't already entered into a legally binding agreement to work exclusively with a particular real estate agent or brokerage. You have the right to choose who will represent you when it comes time to buy, but to avoid any potential conflicts and remain eligible for a cash back rebate* you should follow these steps...

Contacting listing agents...
If you contact a listing agent (The agent who is selling the home) by phone, email, or over the internet to ask questions. If they ask you "Are you presently working with a real estate agent?" Make sure you inform them that you are. If you want to view the interior of the property (Home showing). Then it is time to call me so I can setup an appointment to show you the property. Do not ask the listing agent to show you the home.

When speaking with, or when contacting other real estate agents...
If asked, inform them that you are already working with another agent to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding.

Visiting Open Houses...
I really encourage potential home buyers to visit open houses, since it is a great method of determining value and visualizing what your home-buying budget will get you. If you are required to register. Just indicate that you're presently working with an agent on the sign in sheet, and do the same if the agent hosting the open house asks you.

If you attended an open house, and want to have a second look and possibly make an offer. Then it is time to call me so I can setup an appointment to view the property together. Do not ask the listing agent, or any other real estate agent to show you the property.

Lets get started on the right path!
If you're serious about buying a home, whether it's next week, or a year from now. Working with me from the start is the best approach to take. Together we'll follow the steps listed in the homebuyer's roadmap to get you to your goal of homeownership, and doing so will guarantee that you'll be eligible to receive a cash back rebate*.

Ready to get started?

Contact me today so we can start the exciting adventure!


Already found the home you want to buy...
And want to take advantage of my cash back rebate program*, but not sure if you qualify? Give me a call so we can discuss your situation, and I will be able to give you a clear answer.

If you have been working with a buyer agent (under contract or not) and they physically showed you to the property. Then you should continue working with them so they will earn the commission they rightly deserve.

Please note: Conditions and Limitations on the Cash Back Rebate Program can be found at the bottom of this page.

Author: Robert Kirkwood
Posted: April 14, 2014

Sales Commission Cash Back Rebate (Conditions and Limitations)
* Rebates are not available by all registrants of HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage. Rebate guaranteed and paid personally by Robert Kirkwood and not HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage. Rebate to be paid to buyer within 30 days of closing and requires buyer to enter into an exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement and purchase a home offering a minimum of 1.5% commission or dollar value equivalent to HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage. The commission rebate percentage (%) is determined by a sliding scale from 20% to 50% based on the number of showings prior to purchasing a home. The Rebate is calculated on property purchase price NET of HST (if applicable) times (x) commission percentage (%) offered by seller or builder times (x) commission rebate percentage (%). Rebate is only paid to the name(s) registered on the agreement of purchase and sale. Rebates are not offered on pre-construction VIP condo sales or properties personally listed for sale by Robert Kirkwood, or on properties where a referral fee is being paid to another brokerage. Rebates are not valid with any other offers or promotions.

Listing Fee's (Conditions and Limitations)
1Advertised Rates are not available by all registrants of HomeLife Classic Realty Inc., Brokerage. 2Compared with hypothetical 2.5% listing fee commission rate. HST is applicable on all commission fees.

Not intended to solicit parties already under contract with a brokerage.